Boxing is one of the few sports that you can pick up at any age and actually compete in. I played baseball my whole life until a college coach told me I had no talent at baseball and should take up slow pitch softball.Ever the optimist, I walked into a boxing gym for the first time in my life and not too long after that I was fighting in Madison Square Garden for the Golden Gloves title. Where else can you do that? What made it even more unlikely was the road I took to get there. While I was no slouch in the education department, I was a terrible slouch in the physical education department. I played sports since I was a kid, but my hours were spent in libraries, not gymnasiums. Even more relevant was the fact that the last time I was in a fistfight was probably the 7th grade. So in 1986, I stood in Madison Square Garden, in the same ring Ali fought Frazier and fought a guy named Anthony Green, recently released from the Sing Sing Correctional Facility. On paper, I had no business being in the ring with this guy. On canvas was a different story. That’s exactly how we conduct our classes. You may learn sitting but you live standing. We teach what they can’t at Harvard – how to think on your feet, perform under pressure and defy defeat. When it comes to boxing, the biggest obstacle most people face is the false belief that they’re uncoordinated. They’re only uneducated. This is the Ivy League of boxing education.