Most people think it’s getting hit in the face. It isn’t. Your biggest fear is hitting someone else.  If you hit me, I’ll live with it. If I hit you, I have to live with myself. Everybody knows what they can’t do. It’s what they can do that terrifies them. 

Fear is your greatest motivator. Your body releases adrenaline , and you become someone else. Fight, flight, freeze or faint. Choose one or one will be chosen for you. We choose fight.

Fighters have two personas they take everywhere  – there’s the fighter and there’s the person. Ever wonder why fighters have ring names? It’s because the person in the ring is not the same as the person outside the ring. If they were they’d be in prison. Jack Dempsey was the Manassa Mauler. Joe Louis was the Brown Bomber. Outside the ring they were the nicest guys in the world. Inside the ring, not so much. 

Everybody has two identities – the one you’re given and the one you create. We are in the business of creating alter egos. In order to create one you have to kill the other. For that to happen you have to enter the ring.

Dreams live when the ego dies. Ego is identity. It’s the one you’re born with – race, gender; and the ones you’re fitted with – nation, religion.  The Ring gives you an alter ego. When you step into the ring, Nature and Nurture retreat to neutral corners. You become someone else when you kill your ego and every time you do, someone better rises from the grave.