“I’ve been training with Martin at Trinity I’ve surpassed all my fitness goals. Martin is an inspiring, knowledgeable and fun teacher. I’ve never had this much fun working out. In fact, I even look forward to working out, and when does that ever happen? Martin’s training style has had a great impact on me both physically and emotionally, and because of that I’m pushing myself further than I ever have before. His sessions are stimulating and constantly evolving with my abilities — I’ve never done the same workout twice with him. As a result of my training with Martin, not only is my core is stronger than ever (I swear it’s cured a 30 year old back injury), but I feel like I’m gaining as much strength outside the ring as his motivation spills over to many other aspects of my life. I highly recommend Martin to anyone who’s willing to work hard for a better body and a better life overall.”

 – Jhoni Marchinko, writer/producer


  “I have been training with Martin for a while and have found his athletic training to be one of a kind. Martin is unparalleled by any trainer that I have visited  in NY, LA or abroad. Martin’s athletic services are unique both in his methods of training and facilities made available. In fact, the facilities and athletic training offered by Martin and his studio are so superb that I referred my agency, IMG Models to him. IMG Models now uses Martin’s training for their top models.”

– Tyra Banks



gwen “Martin Snow is much more than a boxing coach. Not only will he transform your body into lithe, muscular form, increase your fitness and health levels and manage to encourage you to perform athletic feats you have not thought possible – but he also has an intuitive understanding of you as an individual. His focus gently liberates you from unproductive thoughts processes and behavioral patterns and inspires you to become the best version of yourself, all with a heavy dose of brilliant humour and fantastic wit. You may want to vomit during your workout but you will definitely be laughing whilst you do it. I wish I could see this man every day for the rest of my life!!” 

– Gwendoline Christie, Actress

headey“Martin Snow of Trinity Boxing is the boxing whisperer except he doesn’t whisper – he shouts, in the loudest Brooklyn accent ever and it’s awesome and he’ll change your life mentally and physically in the best way. Do it. Train with Snow, save a therapist.”

– Lena Headey, Actress