Life is a game we’re not supposed to win. We’re all going to die one day and depending on what you believe only one of us has ever made it back. The odds on immortality aren’t too good. We may die one day, but that day is not today. Buck the odds. Live one more day. Fight one more round. Fighting is a natural instinct. It’s survival of the fittest, fastest and strongest. Unfortunately, you’re never going to fight better than you were born. Your destiny is in your DNA. Boxing upsets the apple cart of rational thought by making you think different. It’s Brains over Brawn. A boxer is a rebel, a rabble-rouser, an iconoclast. The heretical notion that bigger isn’t always better, that might doesn’t always make right and that you can make yourself better than you were born is what boxing is all about. Boxing is about staying and fighting when everyone else turns and runs. A coward saves his own skin. A hero saves someone else’s. Not all fights are fought in a ring.  Life isn’t fair, the world is cruel, the end is near. Fight One More Round. Get up off your stool, pick up your hands and Fight One More Round.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not if you keep your hands up. Besides, your biggest fear isn’t getting hit – it’s hitting someone else.
Yes, and there are times we trained only women. They’re brighter, more conscientious and don’t try to punch your arms off when y0u do the pads with them.
Even better. It’s less mistakes we’ll have to correct from those make believe boxing classes.
They teach you how to throw punches like a professional fighter. I teach you how to think like one too. Unless you’re in a business that encourages fisticuffs at the workplace, more valuable thinking like a fighter.
It’s kind of like cleaning the house before the cleaning lady comes. We can do it a lot better and a lot faster than you. Train you, not clean your house. We’re horrible at cleaning.
To start the answer is no. Once you get going though, you must buy your own handwraps, which we sell at the gym, and gloves, which we don’t at the present. We can tell you what kind of gloves to order online.