Boxing classes are great if you’re worried about your figure.

There’s also nothing wrong with make-believe boxing gyms as long as you don’t make believe you’re a fighter. It’s like wearing a motorcycle jacket and thinking you’re a biker. You’re full of confidence until a real one comes along. Then you’re full of something else. 

Real men need real boxing. Fighting doesn’t make you a man. Having guts does. Boxing gives you guts.

We start on the focus pads then graduate to sparring, first with an instructor, then with other members. Do we require that you spar? No. Do we recommend it? Absolutely. We’ve been doing this for decades. You’re not going to show up for work with a black eye. You will show up for with with more drive and determination and focus than you ever have in your life. Ask any one of the thousands of people we’ve trained over the past 20 years. We will make you better at what you do by making you better at what we do. 



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