DOORThis is it. The new home of the Trinity Boxing Club.  Only took me a year. Thanks to everybody who made it and everyone who waited. Your faith will be rewarded.
 We took a storefront in Tribeca that was vacant for 10 years, stripped it down and turned it into this. It’s a cool building from the 1850’s owned by a couple of cool people from the 1960’s. I found it when I was walking around downtown one day, saw a sign in the window, called the number and the rest is history. If you were with us on Greenwich Street, welcome back. If you weren’t, then welcome. 
I came back to New York for the same reason I went out to Los Angeles – to teach people how to box. It seems like there are more boxing gyms now than before, but there’s a big difference between boxing and just throwing punches. we specialize in the difference.
This space is smaller so the training is a little more personalized.  Lessons are either one-on-one or semi-private. We’re doing open lessons from 6am-9am and 5pm-9pm Monday – Friday and 10am – 3pm on Saturday. At noon on weekdays they’ll be more of a Bootcamp Style, 45 minute hurry up and get back to work class so you don’t get fired class.
A block of 10 lessons is $1500, but that includes a three month membership to use the gym when you’re not doing a lesson.
For the monthly packages we’re charging $300/month and that includes a semi private lesson every time you come to the gym Monday – Saturday. Sunday there’s an open floor workout where you can train without us bothering you.

TEL 212-374-9393/