There’s nothing better than a boxing gym. I was fortunate in that I started in two of the best boxing gyms in the business – Gleason’s and the Gramercy. What made them great was the owners, Bruce Silverglade and the late Ira Becker at Gleason’s and my own trainers, the late, Great Al Gavin and the legendary Bob Jackson at the Gramercy. They treated everybody that walked through the door like they could be the next world champion. Quite often they were right.

We take the same approach but with a different population. There are some boxing purists who believe you have to make a living in the ring before you can call yourself a fighter. I’m not one of them. Our fighters are men and women who make their living outside the ring. I never really understood why people took up boxing for the workout alone. It’s kind of like going to medical school just to get a degree. You go to medical school to be a doctor and you go to a boxing gym to be a fighter. I don’t mean quit you day job and become a pugilist for a living. What I do think is that if you took those same skills you learned from boxing and applied them to business, you will see a dramatic improvement in both your professional and personal life.