Think Like A Fighter

Before there were life coaches, there were boxing trainers. Growing up in New York, I had some of of the best. They treated everybody that walked through the door like they could be the next world champion. Quite often they were right.

We take the same approach but with a different population. Maybe they aren’t world champions, but our fighters are men and women who serve out in the world as our doctors, lawyers, teachers, actors, students, moms, firemen, etc.

We have designed a teaching method that allows anyone to learn the art and science of boxing, regardless of how coordinated you may or may not be. You do NOT need to “be in shape” before you get here and you don’t need boxing experience – that’s what we’re here for.

We offer both contact and non-contact training to get you into the best shape of your life – mentally, physically and emotionally. Our specialty is taking raw beginners and teaching them a skill that will change their lives.

We’ll teach you how to think, move and perform like a professional fighter, both in the ring and out. For us, the training doesn’t start when you walk in the gym, it starts when you walk out.