What’s your biggest fear coming into a boxing gym?

Most people think it’s getting hit in the face. It isn’t. It’s hitting someone else.  If you hit me, I’ll live with it. If I hit you, I have to live with myself. Everybody knows what they can’t do. It’s what they can do that scares them. 

Fear is the great motivator. We’re physically wired for it. Your body releases adrenaline and you become someone else. Fight, flight, freeze or faint. Choose one. We choose fight.

Everybody has two identities – the one you’re born with and the one you live with. In the ring everyone’s an orphan. No name, no race, no limits. You become what you believe. The only religions are orthodox and southpaw.

That’s why fighters have ring names. The person inside the ring is not the same person outside the ring. Hit me in the ring you get rewarded. Hit me outside the ring you get arrested.

You live when your ego dies. Your ego isn’t that voice in your head that tells you how great you are, it’s the one that reminds you how mortal you are. 

I believe differently. If we’re all here by some random accident, if there’s nothing more to life than what meets the eye then I apologize for wasting your time and your money. But if you’re a lunatic like me and you believe there’s a reason for our presence, that we were born great to begin with and our life’s purpose is to make the world around us even greater then stand up, pick up your hands and join us in battle.