Whether you’re a total beginner or refining your skills, in shape or just taking the first step, or just looking for a new challenge, you’ll find boxing…

The workouts we do are all based on a professional fighter’s training routine. No workout is the same but will always involve a combination of the following:


You’ll start off jumping rope to get the blood flowing. Wrap your hands (we’ll teach you) and then shadow box. Shadow boxing is where you move around while throwing and responding to imaginary punches. This will help develop your technique, form, muscle control, and build your imagination!


Throw on your gloves and practice combinations on the heavy bags. Punch for power and accuracy. Develop your offense and endurance as you complete each 3-minute round.


Simulate sparring with a couple of rounds on the pads. Feel what it’s like to punch and respond to punches without actually making human contact.


Build strength, speed, endurance to help you absorb and deliver punchers. Throw medicine balls, and do a lot of calisthenics, all with the intention of getting you ready for the ring.


What separates a real boxing gym from a make believe one is sparring also known as hand-to-hand combat. You get better at boxing by boxing – it’s not theoretical. Is it a risk? Yeah, but so is life. Minimize the risk and maximize the results.

Two things to keep in mind:

    1. You don’t have to do it.
    2. After you’ve learned a little, you’ll want to do it.

We spar under very strict guidelines to ensure your don’t get hurt but also under the assumption you’re not made of papier-mâché. Contact is limited and protective gear is required as you spar with a trainer or under the guidance of a trainer.

It’s both the hardest and greatest workout you will ever do. Nothing comes close. When you walk out of that ring you’ll feel invincible.