We train all of our members like professional boxers getting ready for a prizefight, regardless of their skill level or athletic ability. We combine traditional boxing techniques with cutting edge conditioning drills to develop explosive strength, cardiovascular superiority and mental clarity that will give you an edge in every area of your life.

Getting in shape doesn’t mean getting hit in the face. Our training programs are designed to give you a physique like a professional fighter, not a mug like one. We’ll teach you how to block, slip and throw punches like a champ, without paying for it with a fat lip. With our unique teaching method, anyone can learn to box, regardless of their skill or fitness level.

All of our programs are based on a professional boxer’s training regimen, with some modifications. These are not aerobic or circuit boxing classes. Our philosophy is that in order to get the full benefits of boxing, your training should reflect that of a professional fighter. This does not mean you will be drinking raw eggs and hitting sides of beef anytime soon. It does mean that we will hold you to the same standards we do a professional fighter. Adhere to a regular training schedule. Eat intelligently, drink responsibly and live wisely. 


Monthly Training is our most popular plan. Train with a small group but receive individual instruction.   One flat monthly fee gives you full use of the gym and unlimited access to all of our  boxing lessons. Train in any one of our daily sessions, and no appointment is necessary.

Private Lessons are hour long, one-on-one sessions that focus on form, technique and sport specific conditioning drills to give you the ultimate training experience.

Trial Lesson allows you to try it before you buy it. Just schedule a lesson during our regular sessions and we’ll put you through a typical workout. If you like it, we’ll sign you up for the training package that best suits your needs. If you don’t, we’ll probably start drinking again, then you’ll have that on your conscience. Thanks a lot.



Per LessonOne Time Group Lesson



Per 10 Lessons