Most of the people who come in fall into two categories – those who have never boxed before and those who boxed at Rumble. What we do is different and the best way to understand it is actually doing it. For $30 we’ll put you through what a typical workout will be.

Lesson One is your first day of school – jab, cross and duck.  See Spot Run. Then some basic footwork – step in, step back, pivot. Run Spot, Run.  You’ll follow that up with some work on the focus pads, heavy bags and cardio drills. We finish with calisthenics to develop power and a strong core. The whole workout should last about an hour, sometimes a little more. It’s difficult but not deadly. 

If you decide you want to join we’ll set you up with the program that’s best suited for you. If you don’t, no dessert for the guy who trained you.