Anybody can teach you how to throw a punch. We specialize in teaching you to throw a punch when someone’s throwing one at you. Confidence is a feeling. Competence is a fact. Everybody’s glad that you feel good about yourself but nobody’s ever going to pay you for it. Competence is where the money’s at. It doesn’t matter how smart you are or how hard you work. If you can’t do it under pressure you can’t do it. 

This is boxing gym for smart people. We’ll show you how to get better at what you do by getting better at what we do. Thinking like a professional fighter will change your life. Boxing isn’t an activity, it’s an identity. The idea that business professionals just want to sweat when they work out is not only ignorant but it’s also pretty condescending. It’s the rallying cry of lazy trainers everywhere. Boxing may be called the Sweet Science but it’s not rocket science. If you can learn how to read you can learn how to box. 

We’ll teach you how to box like you’re getting ready for a professional fight because you’re getting ready for a professional fight called life. Every time there’s money on the line you’re in a professional fight, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a classroom, boardroom or court room. Someone wins and someone doesn’t. Which one are you?

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