It’s a little condescending to treat business professionals any different than professional boxers.  The idea that all they really want to do is work up a good sweat is at best misinformed. Even though they don’t box to make a living, that doesn’t mean they can’t learn to box to make a better living. It’s the same kind of misconception that boxers are dumb. I don’t know how Ali did on his SAT’s, but in the ring he was a genius. Hitting someone without getting hit requires a certain kind of intelligence that they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School. We’re in the education business. The lessons we’ve learned are the things we teach.  We studied them in gyms and practiced them in stadiums.  We’ve got our Ph. D’s by getting punched in the face so that you don’t have to.  We teach you the metaphysical as well as the physical. There’s more to a punch than meets the eye, especially if  your eye is the one being met.  

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