You don't need a college degree to learn how to box, but you should have a boxing degree if you want to teach it. Our trainers have their Master's degrees in getting punched in the face and their Ph.D's in how not to. It's one thing being able to do it, it's another to be able to teach it. We do both. No matter what your level of education, nothing matters if you don't have the ability to perform under pressure. We teach you the stuff they don't in grad school - how to stand up, pick up your hands and fight. Our trainers are teachers. They know boxing like the back of their hand because they learned it from the back of someone else's. We didn't learn it on YouTube.  We learned it in a gym and practiced it in front of a crowd.  Anybody can teach you how to throw a punch. We teach you how to throw a punch when there's one coming at you.

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