What’s the point of training like a professional fighter if you’re not going to be one? Here’s a few:

1) Form is everything. Learning proper technique does more than just prevent injuries. It will help you get into shape faster and stay there longer. If you have a trainer who lets you get away with poor form, get a new trainer. If they don’t care what you’re doing, they don’t know what they’re doing.

2) Looking like a fighter is great, performing like one is better. As smart as you may be, nothing else matter if you can’t handle stress. The higher the stakes, the higher the stress. Whatever your profession, you don’t get paid to think, you get paid to think on your feet. If you’re a lawyer, be the Muhammad Ali of lawyers.

3) Hard work and intelligence can get you far but only guts guarantees it. Anything that comes easy is hardly ever worth it. The greatest accomplishments in history were born out of adversity. Knowing how to turn adversity into an ally is one of the things that makes boxing more than just a workout.

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