There's nothing like a boxing gym. Nothing can match the energy, the excitement and the characters that boxing brings out. Nobody ever opened up a boxing gym figuring they'd get rich, and if they did they didn't stay in business very long. You have to love boxing if you want to own a gym. If you don't you're in the wrong business.
I was fortunate in that I started, and ended, my fighting career in two of the best clubs ever -- Gleason's and the Gramercy Gym. I saw firsthand the dedication that Bruce Silverglade and my old trainers Bob Jackson and the late, great Al Gavin put into their clubs. They worked long, thankless hours so that fighters and their trainers would have a place to box. Without guys like them, there would be no boxing. So I've dedicated my life to the education of boxers.

There are three types of boxers - amateur, professional and everyone else. This is the gym for everyone else.

Trinity Boxing Club is a place where men, women and kids can experience real boxing without having to pay for it with a fat lip. Just because we want you to box like a professional doesn't mean we want you to have a mug like one too.  The most rewarding thing to me is the difference we make in people's lives. They walk in as doctors, lawyers, actors, models and students and walk out as fighters. Boxing instills hope, courage and conviction. By transforming people physically, we help transform them mentally, too. I hope that we can instill in you the same love for boxing that we have, and that one day you'll say that this was the greatest gym you've ever been to.